Gay Cruising: All secrets about the gay meeting places

Updated: 12.09.2023

Gay cruising has an air of the disreputable or even the forbidden. In some countries, unfortunately, this is still the case today. But in Germany, especially in the big cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Frankfurt am Main, gay cruising is now part of everyday life in the gay scene.

Nevertheless, the disreputable, hidden and disreputable does not have to be bad. On the contrary! The man is now a hunter, perhaps also wants to be prey. In gay cruising, he is sometimes one thing, sometimes another. Interested looks at the bar in the gay club, then a quick number in the parking lot; quickly get a blowjob in a flap or just relaxed passive cruising in the city park – all this is possible and much more.

Gay CruisingOne important note, though, right up front: don’t let your best friend do your thinking for you when cruising. Be out and about with a good dose of self-protection, whether that’s condoms or fast legs – preferably both. More on this later as well.

What is Gay Cruising?

In the English term cruising, the Latin lover discovers the word “crux”, meaning cross. Translated into seafaring language, it means “cruising around”, discovering the area with a vague goal. The cruise is derived from it. Gay cruising is the shore leave among cruises. However, the area here serves more as a backdrop or hiding place. The goal is to discover potential sex partners in the wild.

Unlike streetwalking, cruising doesn’t pay anything. Every cruiser is a volunteer. Besides, the main thing is not the act itself. Much more exciting is the hunt. Who is on the way? Who sends which signals? Do you interpret them correctly? The most important tool when cruising is your eyes. Looks are not only proverbially telling. If they are only fleeting, the other person has no interest; if they are too intense, it seems intrusive. If you want to learn more about flirting, you can find helpful tips in our blog article“Flirting with men the right way“.

The most important goal in cruising is quick pleasure satisfaction. But no clichés please! Not every gay encounter in the city park ends with anal sex. Depending on the place, ambience, time of day and objects of desire, there can be many differences. This is exactly what makes cruising so exciting and varied! However, there are four stages that each cruiser reels off on their stalk. First, he searches for his prey. After that, he follows his object and observes if the chosen one has the same goal as himself. When he is sure of this, he tries to make contact discreetly and playfully. If there is mutual interest, a kind of contract is finally agreed: What do both of them feel like doing? Who is top, who is bottom? How is contraception used? With all this, there is no need to talk much.

Where exactly can you cruise and experience a hot evening? The Gay Areas are roughly divided into Indoor Areas and Outdoor Areas. In any case, they can be found in the public space.

Which meeting places are particularly suitable for gay cruising?

The exciting thing about cruising is that it can happen anywhere. However, as a general rule, the more people you have in one place, the more likely you are to find a like-minded person. In addition, there should be a nearby, again, rather quiet, secluded place. Because if you disturb someone while having sex in public, a fine can be the result if you press charges.

Of course, there are gay venues where cruising and sex are scheduled and tolerated. Mostly these are indoor cruising areas. Classic places are discos and gay bars. Perhaps the adrenaline rush of cruising here is not as exciting, but it is safer and more hygienic than in a hatch under the bridge. Porn cinemas may have darkrooms or a spacious toilet facility. It can happen quite quickly in saunas or swimming pools. No problem in gay saunas. In public baths, it’s more likely to happen if families or children catch you in the locker room.

In the past, highway rest stops were very popular. But if you get to the wrong person here, it looks bad with help. Parking lots and city parks are perfect for cruising because there are trees, hedges, shrubs and winding paths. Newcomers can also look here first and observe others at the tryst. Who knows, you might even get invited? Some bathing lakes have special gay areas where you can look uninhibited.

The gay meeting places that everyone knows in Germany

Almost a cultural asset is the Klappe, or public toilet, at the Siegessäule in Berlin, just a few steps away from the famous landmark. Not only Berliners and tourists meet here. At the big street festivals like Christopher Street Day, no one has to go home unsatisfied. It is somewhat more idyllic in the park at Innsbrucker Platz. As soon as it gets dark, more and more cruisers arrive here, drifting together either on the lawn or in a sheltered corner.

Gay Cruising Gay Venues BerlinPractically every major German city has large and small lakes with lots of greenery around them. Mostly on the outskirts, but also central. In Hamburg, for example, you can walk through Eppendorfer Park. Or try Lake Bahrenfeld with its many hiding places. Between Kennedybrücke and Lombardsbrücke, both located between Binnenalter and Außenalster, there is a green gay area that provides thrills because of the large public traffic. Those traveling by car can try the Hahnenkoppel parking lot east of Hamburg.

From the big cruising treasure chest, here are two hot tips for Cologne: the Volksgarten and the Phoenix Sauna, both located near the city center and within easy walking distance.

What are the rules and recognition codes in a cruising area?

Sometimes a longer look is enough and everything is clear. Especially in summer, when half-naked guys roam through a park, no more words are needed. You don’t even have to use your Gay Radar (Gaydar for short) to guess who is cruising with clear intentions.

If the area is a bit more populated and not quite as close to nature, just look out for guys with loose, wide pants. It can be pulled down and up again very quickly. The extra long crotch handle is another identifying feature. In toilets, it often becomes even more obvious. You don’t just take a closer look at your neighbor’s best piece of meat; you also take it in your stride.

In the past, when cruisers had to act a little more covertly, there were less obvious signs and more inconspicuous ones. People licked their lips or carried a cloth in their back pocket.

Rules of conduct are also important when cruising. The first rule should be mutual respect. No means no, goes without saying. This also applies non-verbally, i.e. with clear gestures. Not only you want to be satisfied, but also the other person. Pay attention to hygiene and always have a few more rubbers than necessary. Very important: The other person is also a human being. A little small talk at the beginning and a nice word to say goodbye will make your little adventure a well-rounded affair. And almost the most important rule at the end: bystanders don’t necessarily want to see what you’re up to. Moreover, if they are disturbed by it, it is punishable by law. So pay attention to discretion, stay hidden and get the even greater adrenaline rush.

Why is cruising so popular in the gay scene?

Cruising is like a big surprise egg: fun, games, excitement and on top of that young attractive people for the eye and the ultimate adrenaline kick for your sex life. Gay guys love variety, the outdoors and chasing new guys. The colorful world of the Internet has made meetings easier. At Planet-Randy, for example, you will find countless information about hot gay venues in your area. If you’re from Berlin, you can find a suitable sauna for gay cruising in our blog article.

Just try it out when you’re in another city. The nearest cruising hotspot is just a few steps away!


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