Gay hotels in Vienna: our 5 secret favorites revealed

Updated: 10/11/2023

Slip into your most stylish loafers, dear travelers, because we’re taking you on a glamorous tour of hearty Vienna! Are you dreaming of a princess bed with burgundy velvet covers or rather a minimalist loft oasis right in the pulsating heart of the city? Fantastic, because there’s something for everyone here! Discover the crème de la crème of Viennese hospitality with us on a tour of hotels that not only offer a roof over your head, but also a home for our wonderful rainbow people. We’ve dug deep into the glittering pockets of the Viennese hotel industry to bring you the 5 best gay hotels in Vienna.

These are our TOP gay hotels in Vienna

Gay Hotel in Wien

from 102€ per night

Your exquisite home in the heart of Vienna

Gay Hotel in Wien

from 85€ per night

Your gay home in the imperial city

schwules Hotel in Wien

from 160€ per night

Taste and experience the noble diversity of Vienna

Gay Reise Wien

from 220€ per night

Where Viennese elegance meets excellence

They are more than just a comfortable bed in a great city; they are oases of openness, full of joie de vivre, charm and that irresistible Viennese charm. From exclusive, gay-friendly establishments to colorful, everything-loving hotels – you’ll find them all here. Because in Vienna, my dears, hearts simply beat differently – in the perfect 3/4 time of the famous Viennese waltz and with an openness that is both inspiring and welcoming. Pack your bags and off you go, the adventure awaits!

Gay hotels in vienna

Getting to the gay hotels in Vienna

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Our recommendations for the best gay hotels in Vienna

1st place – Hotel Savoyen Vienna

Your exquisite home in the heart of Vienna

from 102€ per night

Gay hotel in Vienna

In charming Vienna, where historic architecture and the vibrant LGBTQ+ scene compose a unique melody, the Hotel Savoyen Vienna stands proudly as a note of elegance and welcoming culture. Nestled between traditional Viennese culture and the progressive, colorful LGBTQ+ community, the hotel offers an exquisite balance between the old and the new. At the Hotel Savoyen, you will not only witness an architectural masterpiece, but also become part of a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion in a luxurious setting.

With a warm, welcoming atmosphere reflected in both the luxuriously appointed rooms and the courteous, accommodating staff, Hotel Savoyen has made it its mission to treat every guest – regardless of sexual orientation – like royalty. Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend away, a night of partying in Vienna’s LGBTQ+ scene or a cultural dive into Austria’s history, the Hotel Savoyen could be your perfect base.

With its central location, the hotel not only offers easy access to Vienna’s most important sights, but is also conveniently located close to Vienna’s vibrant nightlife and various gay hotspots. Immerse yourself in a world where tradition meets modernity and let the Hotel Savoyen turn your experiences in the world-famous “City of Music” into a symphonic memory.

Our rating









Gay factor90%


2nd place – Hotel Pension Wild

Wild about Vienna? Your gay home in the imperial city!

from 85€ per night

Gay hotel in Vienna

Immerse yourself in the warm, inviting atmosphere of Hotel Pension Wild, a charming accommodation that not only shines with its lGBTQ+ friendliness, but also with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. Located in the heart of Vienna, you can expect an authentic, lively and relaxed Viennese ambience that is particularly popular with the LGBTQ+ community. The traditional Viennese architecture of the building and the stylishly modern interior design create an atmosphere that is both inviting and exciting.

Here, where hospitality is a top priority, gay travelers can experience a real slice of the Viennese way of life in a safe, supportive environment. Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or with friends – the open arms of Pension Wild welcome you to a space where you can be yourself while discovering Vienna’s many cultural treasures.

Our rating









Gay factor88%


3rd place – Hotel Rathaus – Wine & Design

Taste the diversity of Vienna – enjoyment in every form matures here

from 160€ per night

gay hotel in Vienna

The Hotel Rathaus – Wein & Design is a charming and individual retreat in the vibrant heart of Vienna, which is particularly impressive due to its passion for Austrian wines. Each room is dedicated to an Austrian winegrower, and that is just the beginning of the journey of discovery through Austrian wine culture. With its modern yet homely furnishings, the hotel manages to create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to linger. As one of the most renowned hotels in Vienna, the Rathaus – Wein & Design is not only known for its unique concept and exquisite service, but also for its cosmopolitan and inclusive atmosphere.

Gay travelers are warmly welcomed here and will find a lively LGBTQ+ scene in the area. There are numerous bars, cafés and clubs within walking distance that cater to the LGBTQ+ community and offer a colorful variety of options for night-time entertainment.

Our rating:









Gay factor87%


4th place – Le Méridien Vienna

Your gateway to the gay-friendly side of Vienna

from 220€ per night

Gay trip Vienna

Experience the fused splendor of classic and modern aesthetics at Le Méridien Vienna. This hotel stands out not only for its exquisite design and luxurious accommodation, but also for its recognition and support of the LGBT+ community. Here you are not just a guest; you are a valued friend who can enjoy the cultivated yet relaxed atmosphere of the Austrian capital to the full. In the midst of the vibrant life of gay-friendly Vienna, Le Méridien offers an oasis of calm with a touch of verve.

The stylish rooms, extensive spa area and first-class dining facilities ensure that you will always be in a state of indulgent luxury during your trip through Vienna. In addition, the hotel offers dazzling proximity to some of the city’s most vibrant gay bars, clubs and events, positioning itself as one of the top addresses for the LGBT+ traveler looking to explore Vienna’s colorful nightlife.

Our rating:









Gay factor85%


Place 5 – 25hours Hotel

25 hours in your day for art, culture and Viennese gay charm

from 143€ per night

Gay Hotel Vienna

When it comes to creating an environment that focuses on the experience, the 25hours Hotel near the MuseumsQuartier takes no shortcuts. This unique and extravagant hotel focuses on inspiring design and a playful atmosphere, while creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests from all over the world, including the LGBT+ community. The hotel presents itself as a place that is as eccentric as it is inviting, allowing guests to discover the creative side of Vienna while staying in a space that deliberately turns away from traditional hotel norms.

Whether you’re strolling through the charming streets of Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier or enjoying the view of the city from the hotel’s rooftop bar with a cocktail in your hand, the 25hours Hotel makes every hour of your stay count. With a colorful and inclusive attitude, it’s the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to experience Vienna’s rich cultural tapestry while feeling surrounded by an authentically supportive community.

Our rating:









Gay factor86%


The best gay bars & cafes in Vienna

Here you will find our recommendations for the best gay bars & cafes in Vienna.

Village Bar

Known for its friendliness and relaxed atmosphere and regular theme nights.
Address: Stiegengasse 8, 1060 Vienna

Eagle Vienna

A gay bar with a penchant for leather and jeans, known for its unpretentious and robust character.
Address: Blümelgasse 1, 1060 Vienna

Mango Bar

A colorful and lively bar known for its cheerful cocktail nights and relaxed gatherings.
Address: Laimgrubengasse 3, 1060 Vienna


A stylish bar with an ornate interior, known for both a casual get-together and an elegant evening out.
Address: Gumpendorfer Str. 5, 1060 Vienna

Kiss Bar Vienna

With a lively atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks, the Kiss Bar often offers entertaining DJ sets and theme nights.
Address: Luftbadgasse 19, 1060 Vienna

City Bar

A friendly place that is appreciated for its cozy atmosphere and delicious cocktails. A great meeting place to get to know new people.
Address: Tiefer Graben 19, 1010 Vienna

Marea Alta

A bar with a focus on inclusivity and diversity, often hosts events and is a safe space for the LGBT+ community. Address: Gumpendorfer Str. 28, 1060 Vienna

The best gay clubs & parties in Vienna

Here you will find our recommendations for the best gay clubs & parties in Vienna.

Why Not

A lively club with three dance areas offering different music genres.
Address: Tiefer Graben 22, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Club U

A cozy club that offers pop and electro music, located under the arches of the subway at Karlsplatz.
Address: Otto-Wagner-Platz, 1040 Vienna, Austria


A club with a focus on sex-positive experiences, offers various themed evenings for gays
Address: Kettenbrückengasse 4, 1040 Vienna, Austria


Known for its electro party series, open to the LGBTQ+ community and friends.
Address: Often at different locations, please check details of the event.

Rose ball

An annual, glamorous ball as a counterpart to the traditional Vienna Opera Ball.
Address: Location varies, please check event details.

KEN Club

A party with great DJs and an inclusive atmosphere for everyone.
Address: Gumpendorfer Str. 8, 1060 Vienna, Austria

The best way to explore Vienna

Glitz and glamor in Vienna, but environmentally friendly and in style, please! The “Vienna City Card” rolls out the pink carpet on Vienna’s public transport system and lets you glide royally through the city – without straining your wallet. Treat yourself to the luxury of unlimited mobility and discover why Vienna is the queer heart of Europe.

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Our exquisite experience recommendations for Vienna

Vienna, oh jewel of the Danube, however dazzling and seductive you are, unfortunately not all that glitters is gold. So here’s a little tip for anyone who wants to embark on an adventure in the Austrian capital: Plan ahead! Whether it’s the majestic Schönbrunn Palace, an exciting night at the Vienna State Opera, or a fascinating tour through the catacombs – the key to success is to book in advance.

Why? To protect you from the famous Viennese rip-off traps! We recommend that you don’t buy tickets on the street! Even if the sellers there are very friendly and usually approach you in fancy costumes, you can often expect a brazen rip-off. A glamorous visit to the Vienna Opera can quickly turn into a small chamber concert at horrendous prices! And this is where GetYourGuide comes into play. Book your tickets and tours in advance via this platform. Not only will you avoid long queues, but you’ll also ensure that your hard-earned money is spent on real, authentic experiences instead of ending up in the pockets of dodgy street vendors.

Succumb to the charm of a classical concert in one of the city’s many palaces or stroll through the countless museums, which offer everything from baroque art to modern masterpieces. Perhaps a trip to the Prater? A nostalgic experience in the oldest still-operating Ferris wheel in the world. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the Viennese coffee houses – an institution in their own right, where you can enjoy the local flair and perhaps a tempting apple strudel.

Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens – skip-the-line tour

Avoid the long queues and discover Schönbrunn Palace and its beautiful gardens. Admire the magnificent interiors of the palace and learn more about its fascinating history on a guided tour.

From 48€ per person

Vienna castle tour

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Danube river cruise & optional Viennese specialties

Experience Vienna from a new perspective on a short or long boat trip on the Danube. Enjoy the scenery and relax on board, where you can enjoy optional Viennese specialties.

From 28€ per person

Vienna Danube Cruise Tour

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Guided city tour to the highlights in the center of Vienna

Enjoy a guided tour of Vienna’s city center and get to know the city’s most popular highlights. See where Mozart lived and discover the beauty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

from 20€ per person

Book a city tour of Vienna

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How to pay and withdraw cash free of charge in Vienna

How can you focus on the adventure without constantly having the travel budget on your mind? The answer lies in a carefully selected credit card that offers you flexibility and freedom in your financial movements while exploring Vienna. We therefore warmly recommend the free C24 credit card with which you can pay in Vienna (and worldwide) without extra fees and make up to 8 free cash withdrawals – this is particularly useful for travel gays. You also get up to 10% cashback on your credit card transactions.

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Conclusion on the gay hotels in Vienna

What a trip and what great gay hotels in Vienna! From historic sights and mysterious alleyways to the vibrant, welcoming LGBT+ community, Vienna has taken our hearts by storm. It is a city that celebrates culture, tradition and an open, diverse community in equal measure. Where magnificent palaces and modern, glittering bars go hand in hand, and where the music never stops playing.

A heartfelt “thank you” to you for accompanying us on this tour of discovery through the sparkling city on the Danube. Hopefully we were able to give you some inspiring gay hotels in Vienna and valuable tips to make your own Viennese adventure an unforgettable experience.

The world, and Vienna in particular, is a stage and we are all invited to present our most beautiful, authentic selves on it. May your journey be as colorful and exciting as the city itself and bring you moments of joy, friendship and perhaps also a little Viennese melancholy.

Until next time, stay wanderlusting and never forget: life is too short not to travel, discover and love.

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