Does Spartacus offer the best Gay Cruise in Europe?

Updated: 14.05.2024

Gay Cruise Season! Ahoy and welcome aboard our blog! Today we show you which gay cruise suits you best! Whether you’re a couple or single, gay cruises offer a unique way to relax, explore new places and meet like-minded people. We set out to find the top 5 best gay cruises that offer you and yours unforgettable experiences and adventures at sea.

What is the best gay cruise for 2024?

Our TOP recommendation

8 days from 934€ per person

The hottest gay cruise in Europe and our number 1 in the ranking. Attention! 90% of the cabins are already occupied!

The Best Caribbean Gay Cruise

Gay Kreuzfahrt Atlantis

9 days from $899 per person

For those who would like to set sail outside Europe, Atlantis Events is the best choice.

The best gay friendly cruise

11 days from 919€ per person

The best choice for those seeking peace and relaxation on a gay-friendly cruise.

Our gay cruise experiences

Below we present you a total of 5 exciting cruises for 2024. In doing so, we address 100% gay cruises, as well as simple gay-friendly cruises. We hope that we can inspire you with our selection and that you get a good impression of the offer. If you find the right cruise for you, we would be happy if you book through our affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Place 1 – Spartacus Cruise

Athens – Mykonos – Lanarka – Alexandria – Heraklion

Spartacus Cruise: Our Queen of Gay Cruises!

Imagine yourself gliding over the azure sea, surrounded by sexy gays who love life just as much as you do. The sun kisses your skin while the beats of music play in the background and the feeling of freedom flows through you. This is the Spartacus Gay Cruise from mcruise! A floating paradise created for us, the gay community. Where every eye contact promises a new adventure and the horizon is just one border of many you will cross. Whether you’re looking for the tranquility of the ocean, action on board, or the magic and romance of the cities you visit, this cruise promises more than just a voyage. It is an experience you will not soon forget. Are you ready to dive into this adventure with us? We have inspected the cruise for you down to the smallest detail and go into more detail on the following points:

Cabins and prices

Spartacus Cruises offers luxury accommodations that are perfectly tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you want to watch the stars from your balcony or just relax in a cozy inside cabin, there’s something for everyone here. All cabins have bathroom, shower, and flat screen TV. Beds can be placed separately or together. Some sofas are convertible and can accommodate a third person.

Inside cabins (16sqm):

  • Price for double occupancy: from 934€
  • Surcharge for single occupancy: +15%.

Outside cabins (17sqm):

  • Price for double occupancy: from 1147€
  • Surcharge for single occupancy: +15%.

Balcony cabins (21sqm):

  • Price for double occupancy: from 1784€
  • Surcharge for single occupancy: +30%.

Suites incl. Balcony (34sqm):

  • Price for double occupancy: from 2702€
  • Surcharge for single occupancy: +30%.

Route and cities

Gay Cruise

09.10. – Athens (Greece): Departure: 23:00

10.10. – Mykonos (Greece): Arrival: 08:00 / Departure: 03:00 (the next day)

11.10. – At sea: A full day to relax and enjoy the amenities on board.

12.10. – Lanarka (Cyprus): Arrival: 12:00 / Departure: 20:00

13.10. – Alexandria (Greece): Arrival: 18:00 / Departure: – (overnight stay in port)

14.10. – Alexandria (Greece): Departure: 23:00

15.10. – At sea: Another wonderful day to take full advantage of the ship’s facilities.

16.10. – Heraklion (Greece): Arrival: 08:00

Gay Cruise

The itinerary offers a mix of relaxing days at sea and exciting shore excursions in fascinating cities and cultures. Whether you’re into history, beach relaxation or nightlife, you’ll get your money’s worth!

Program and party

Honey, the mcruise Spartacus Cruise 2024 is not just any cruise. Boredom is an absolute foreign word. Glitter here, cocktail there – it will be fabulous! Wondering what’s going on aboard? Tear your mouth open with excitement, Honey, here comes the full load (entertainment):

Onboard entertainment (excerpt)

Onboard shows: In addition to the fixed shows on board, there are also a few small surprises. The artists may have more than one trick up their sleeves!

Stefano May: The Italian hottie will turn your head not only with his voice and piano skills. Get ready for a musical tête-à-tête!

Variety in the bars: from karaoke where you can finally release your inner Beyoncé, to readings (but not boring ones), to acrobats who bend better than a wire coat hanger.

Cabin door contest: show us how creative you can be with your cabin door. Who knows, maybe your very door will become the ship’s hotspot?

Party mottos 2024

09.10. – PRIDE: Confessions in all colors of the rainbow. Show us who you really are and where your fabulousness comes from.

10.10 . – DISCO: Time for glitter, glamour and disco ball. Whether it’s ABBA or Studio 54, you can totally go wild here.

10/11 OLYMPIC: Time to let your inner sports star or superhero run free. And yes, Wonder Woman and Superman count too!

10/12RED & WILD: Show us your wild side, but please do it in style! Leather, latex, lace? Decide for yourself!

10/1390s: Who ever had a neon jean jacket? Now is the time to get them out again!

10/14DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: White and glitter are the motto. Because, darling, diamonds (and you) are everlasting.

10/15DRAG: Whether you’re queen or king, kick up your heels and get your wig on! And don’t forget: Sashay, Shante!

10/16 – SURPRISE: Well, what will it be? A little suspense is a must, right?

The beverage packages

Gay Cruise Gay CruiseSo that you also get enough juice!

Who likes to worry about every drink when they’re on such a fancy cruise? Let’s dive into the sparkling world of beverage packages. A cocktail in hand and a smile on your face simply exude more glamour. And if you don’t feel like charging for each drink individually, consider the drink packages:

Standard – for the simple connoisseur: This is already included in the tour price.

  • Free coffee, tea and water with your meals.

Classic – for the style-conscious drinker: Only EUR 33 per person per day.

  • Various wines and sparkling wines by the glass
  • Cask and bottled beers, for all the beer lovers out there!
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails if you want to take it easy.
  • Juices, soft drinks and water to cool down in between.
  • Coffee, so you’ll be ready for the next party.
  • Aperol Spritz and Campari soda because… why not?

Premium – for the absolute party queens: EUR 53 per person per day.

  • Anything from the Classic package (we know you don’t want to miss out on the Aperol Spritz!).
  • Cremant to really feel the luxury.
  • Additional types of beer, because variety is the salt in the soup.
  • All alcoholic cocktails
  • Premium mixed drinks, for those who like it a little more classy.
  • Various spirits and liqueurs, because sometimes only the best is good enough.

How do I book it? While there is a lot of glamour on board, no one likes standing in line. Therefore, our tip: be sure to book your package in advance and enjoy the trip in full glory from the very beginning. Otherwise, you can also book your desired package on embarkation day at one of the fancy bars. Another tip: In case of double occupancy, both cabin guests must book the same package. Teamwork is everything, darling!

Food and gastronomy

Are you already dreaming of putting a juicy salami in your mouth? Oh, darling, you are not alone! Welcome to the exquisite gastronomic offer, on board the Vasco da Gama, here is something for every mouth.

gay cruise

These gourmet paradises on board exist:

Buffet Restaurant:

  • Forget everything you’ve ever thought about buffets. Because the buffet is a real eye-catcher! With a food court vibe and various culinary stops, this place takes you on a journey around the world – all in one place!


  • European chic, darling! With 150 seats and an exclusive design, here you will enjoy European delicacies in an absolutely luxurious ambience.

The Grill:

  • Our small but fine specialties corner! With only 66 seats, every bite here is a real experience.

Chefs Table:

  • You want something really special? Maybe for a wedding, silver wedding or a round birthday? Here, with 14 seats, you can celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy the kitchen skills of the chef. (For an extra charge, but it’s worth it!).

Alfresco Grill:

  • And if you feel the little hunger after an exciting excursion or the appetite overcomes you at the pool, this is your place-to-be. And the best part? The delicious pizzas, burgers and hot dogs are all included in the tour price.


  • Welcome to Asia! Nah, not really, but almost. With a touch of Asia, a dash of attention to detail and floor-to-ceiling Japanese tables, this restaurant will become your little culinary insider tip.

Wellness and recreation

Grab your fluffiest slippers and let’s dive into the wellness and spa world together. So what’s on board?


If you’re one of those early risers, or maybe you want to get rid of some energy after a wild night, the Gym is your place. Opening time? Always! Around the clock you can sweat here on 11 spinning bikes, 5 steppers, 7 treadmills and other great equipment. And if you prefer it a little heavier (in terms of weights, not relationships), try the free weights.


Who needs a spa-tastic experience? You. The dry and steam sauna are already waiting for you, and the best part? They are included in the price of the trip. Well, if that’s not hot!

Run, baby, run

On the top deck you will find the Jogging Trail. Perfect for those who want the fresh sea air to blow around their noses while they do their daily miles.

Pool party deluxe

The ship offers you two stunning pool areas. One directly at the stern with sunbathing areas that invite you to chill out. The other one? Oh, it just has a fancy, movable roof – and that’s a real rarity on cruise ships.

Wellness & Sport Oasis

Besides the fantastic wellness area with sauna and steam bath, you will also find sports areas for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Summary of the Gay Cruise

Service package Spartacus Cruise promotional trip 2024: And this is all included in your booking:

  • 7-day cruise on a cruise ship of the described category on the route Athens – Mykonos – Lanarka – Haifa – Heraklion (subject to change due to force majeure).
  • nicko cruises full board:
    • Rich breakfast with coffee, tea and juices in different restaurants
    • Buffets, show-cooking or à la carte menus served at the table, depending on the restaurant
    • Flexible meal times with free choice of seats
    • Coffee and cake depending on the program of the day
  • nicko cruises cruise director and German-speaking local tour guide
  • Entertainment program and lectures about the country on board
  • German speaking service on board
  • Comfortable Sennheiser audio system during all excursions
  • Use of the fitness area, swimming pools, outdoor sports fields and wellness area with sauna (massage for a fee)
  • Personal travel documents
  • Suitcase service between pier and cabin during embarkation and disembarkation
  • All port and passenger fees

Our conclusion on the Spartacus Gay Cruise

So here we are, at the end of our seductive journey through what Spartacus Cruise has to offer. From sparkling parties. We are absolutely in love with what this cruise offers, and we think you will be too. But, don’t let the glitter distract you: the cabins are highly sought after and spaces are limited. If you’re not quick, you might find yourself begging for a booth later! Be smart, be snappy, pack your glitter boots and join us. It’s time for you to meet our ‘Queen of the Deck’ in person too.

Up-to-date information on the route and planned events can be found directly at

PhotoCredits: Spartacus Cruise/J.Lämmerer









Place 2 – Atlantis Events

Los Angeles – Mexico – Singapore – Bangkok – Caribbean

The wild wave of gay cruises

Atlantis Events is not only a starlet in the gay cruise sky, but is redefining experiences for the community on the high seas. Open atmosphere From the first moment on board this cruise you will feel enveloped by an atmosphere as open and warm as a summer evening in Mykonos. Everyone is here to have the best time on their gay cruise and you’ll notice it in every corner of the ship!

Atlantis offers different gay cruises with different destinations, so we can’t go into too much detail in making areas in this article.

Cabins and prices

On an Atlantis gay cruise, you travel in style. From opulent suites to cozy interior cabins, Atlantis offers a spectrum of accommodations that leave nothing to be desired. Prices vary depending on luxury level and route, so there is something for every budget and taste.

Route and cities

Atlantis Events is committed to adding stunning destinations to their gay cruise program. Whether Caribbean dream beaches, the metropolises of the Mediterranean or exotic locations in Asia, each itinerary is carefully planned to offer a combination of adventure, culture and relaxation.

Entertainment at the Gay Cruise

Anyone who says gay cruises can’t be wild hasn’t experienced Atlantis Events! The entertainment program has it all, from glitzy shows to action-packed party nights. A wide-ranging entertainment program ensures constant excitement on board. From pool parties to drag shows to theme nights: The Gay Cruise with Atlantis is as diverse as their guests.

Gay Cruise LQBTQ Atlantis Gay Men


This Gay Cruise leaves nothing out. Every activity, every event is tailor-made for the LGBT community. From pool parties to intimate cocktail evenings, it’s clear that everything here has been designed with attention to detail and for us.New friends and moments that lastThe real jewels of this gay cruise are the people. It’s the laughs, spontaneous dance moves and deep conversations that make this cruise so special.

Romance on the Gay Cruise? Yes, please! Atlantis may be wild, but there are plenty of sweet, quiet corners for the romantics among us. So, if you’re looking for not only partying but also a little romance on your gay cruise, you’ve come to the right place. Atlantis Events is the gay cruise experience you didn’t know you needed. A firework of emotions, a place of freedom and a journey you will never forget. Pack your bags and let’s rock this gay cruise!

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3rd place – Celebrity Cruises

Asia – Israel – Egypt – Caribbean

Gay Cruise deluxe: Luxury cruises for the LGBT community

The luxurious experience at Celebrity Cruises was a highlight for us. On the ship, there was a “Friends of Dorothy” meeting where we could meet other LGBT travelers. The cruise was very romantic and offered many activities and entertainment options.

Prices start from 919€ for 11 nights.

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Rank 4 – Royal Caribbean

Miami – Vancouver – Barcelona – Bayonne

Big, colorful and inclusive: Royal Caribbean’s gay cruises

We also felt very comfortable as a gay couple at Royal Caribbean and enjoyed the special offers for the LGBT community. The ships are large and offer many activities, but there were also quiet places where we could spend time together. We made a lot of great memories at Royal Caribbean.

Prices for this gay cruise start at 650€ for 9 nights.

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Rank 5 – Norwegian Cruise Line

Mediterranean – Northern Europe – Canary Island – Asia

Parties, fun and new acquaintances: The modern gay cruise

We really enjoyed the modern and fun experience on Norwegian Cruise Line. There were special parties and events for the LGBT community, among others, and the ships generally offer many activities and entertainment options. We had a great time and would recommend Norwegian Cruise Line to any couple looking for a fun gay-friendly cruise.

Prices start at 599€ for 10 nights.

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These were the best gay cruises for 2024

You’ll be thrilled no matter which of these top 5 gay cruises you choose. Experience it and share your experience with others. You’ll feel welcomed and accepted on each of these cruises, and you’ll enjoy interacting with like-minded people and making new friends. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed party atmosphere of a real gay cruise or a relaxed and romantic trip in a gay-friendly atmosphere, there’s sure to be a cruise to suit your needs. We, too, can’t wait to plan our next cruise. So until then and maybe see you soon on deck!

Fed up with the gay cruise? Then off to the city!

Discover the most beautiful cities in Europe and stay in the hottest gay hotels. We have put together a selection of the most interesting places for you.

Have fun discovering!