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Equality. Respect. Love.

GAY VODKA is more than just a vodka – we want to convey a message and contribute to the LGBTQ movement. We want to work to ensure that homophobia, exclusion and discrimination no longer have a place in our society. Every place where our vodka is available shares our values and is 100% gay-friendly. So the next time you order a drink, ask for GAY VODKA or order conveniently online now. In addition to free shipping, we also offer the purchase of GAY VODKA on account.


Photocredits: Yutaka by www.hollywoodtramp.de


Equality is still not a matter of course for everyone. Together we set an example against exclusion and discrimination. We are committed to social education and acceptance. GAY VODKA is intended to provoke, stimulate conversation and make the LGBTQ movement a topic of discussion. What better opportunity to exchange ideas than a social gathering in a bar or at home with a glass of vodka!

Our vodka is available in more and more restaurants, bars and nightclubs throughout Germany. Our aim in the future is to achieve recognition beyond Germany’s borders and to promote tolerance worldwide.

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